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Average Senior. Average Senior Year Blog. Teehee.
~ Friday, July 9 ~

is very pleased with his AP Spanish Literature and AP US Government results.

~ Friday, June 18 ~

Having fun being a UC Graduate of 2010. Basking in the family/friend love. Being showered in the many material goods/gifts received. =D

~ Thursday, June 17 ~

All night at Disneyland with sen10rs. Hit up all the rides. Graduating tomorrow!

~ Saturday, June 12 ~

Haven’t been posting in a while … Surprise surprise.

Well, I mean, of course I’ve allowed my Twitter to automatically update you on things. But that doesn’t count … right?

So, throughout this week I’ll be updating stuff I’ve been forgetting to add. I think there are some photos, and pics from my awards ceremony, and what not.

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~ Thursday, June 10 ~
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~ Sunday, June 6 ~

Keith Watts

has to write 10 pages of fiction and 5 poems. And I’m still working on a legacy binder. Woohoo!

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~ Saturday, June 5 ~

Keith Watts

just got back with some friends doing some serving and loving.

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~ Friday, May 28 ~

Only slightly nervous …

Cal Leadership Award/Scholarship interview bright and early tomorrow morning!

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Excused Absence

At the Fig Tree Cafe (rather than school) with mom. Banana Fosters pancakes. Mmm

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~ Thursday, May 27 ~

Junk Food Run With Vicky

Junk food run: starbucks caramel hot coco and sweet factory candy.

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